Wednesday, May 28


Ok! i m super happy! WHY??? ok!!
1st~ly... CAMERON,... I M COMING !!
2nd~ly... I gave the present to Chee Meng liao! haha.. (giving is better than receiving!) thats y I happy!
3rd~ly.. Chee Hon present also bought d~ YEAH~ah!
This is the reason y I am so happy.. But den my wallet very de not happy!! ;(
Not yet buy for chee kean summore.. if buy for him.. wah.. this month i no money d lo!
Yesterday I went to giant to c got what nice shirt that can buy for chee meng! but den GIANT don have nice shirt wan!
SO I sms ying yi ask wan go IOI. So her dad came and fetch me!
We walk for 1 hour ++ to find shirt for this 2 guys! You know what. Its not easy to buy present for guys.. Almost whole IOI BUTIK or shirt shop salesman and salesgirl dislike us! We just go in then c c c den come out! Den if they follow us walk den we don wan c n we go out.. BOTH of us terrible le! hahaha.. I think so!
At last we found those shirt! So we bought.. actually I forgotten that chee hon wan buy at cameron.. but den nvm.. bought d!
So we bought PInK and Blue! different design! Normal oni wan la.. not so nice.. but at least we use our heart to buy lo~
Today summore need to go giant to shop tmr stuff!! wah!! tired.. shopping is tired. n summore i not yet pack my thing..

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