Tuesday, May 6

3 to go ;(

I watch seventh day until episode 17 d..
Started to cry... T.T Kevin so love her! i am so sad.. They are so cham...
So sad n sad n sad...
What I want to see next?? i wait for kevin n niki new dramas.. er.. donno got a not le..
actually they r so suit~~~
hmm.. Yesterday talk with ck.. Feel better d.. cause i throw everything to him! wahaha..
he told me lot of stuff.. really happy... At least he can teach me lot of thing n explain..
he told me some secret.. haha.. he said bro pengkianat.. wakakakkaka..
i noe a lot of thing liao.. hehe...
this mothers day.. want to buy cake for mommy.. AGAIN ar??
mommy will say.. 'kek me again ar??' But i know she fell happy de la.. this sunday mothers day hor?? hope not wrong day la...!!
Nyways.. cAlling list done d.. yeah!!! not yet finish de.. now waiting them to check n tell me what to do..
I will post pics start from now..

Raymond Lam
He is Handsome ;)

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