Thursday, May 15

4th day

My nose running!! xD
I remember I just got sick last month or the month b4.. Now i sick again..
flu..! Its s a terrible disease! It spread!
It itchy!
It stuck!
Oh Lord. Heal me! Amen!
Today is the 4th day!
Oh ya.. yesterday mommy not support me.. She say.. U like to dream only! You think u can meh?
No harm trying. But u wait for failure la!
Mommy..! If I don't try I where can success? If I fail.. I go again la! Learn la. Do not give up lor.
I believe if I have a heart for it.. I put effort in it. Then God will help me.. Even if I fail but at least I try. N maybe I can learn more things..
But den.. She say.. If u really want. Go find one teacher and teach la.. She know I dream too much la.. Maybe what she say is right I dream! But maybe this dream may come true one day!
Teacher? No money a.. C how la.. Need advised! C how la!
Yesterday got practice worship.. Worship leader is AUNTY PAT. heh heh..
Sing with Kalven. HE sick. ME sick.. Then bass Wzent, guitar Cmeng, piano Yyi and drum Jon!
All youth except Aunty Pat la.. Singing that time keep talk to Kal.. Aunty Pat say we very playful..xD
Youth ma!
when we finished Aunty Pat asked us to pray for one another! I understand why!
Kal pray for me. I pray for cm, cm pray for wz, wz pray for yy, yy pray for Aunty Pat and Aunty Pat pray for US! heh heh..
Sms with Elisa.. Told her is Aunty Pat lead worship.. The songs quite hard! I told her if she TAK MAU can lo.. Don force ma..
Next round she must sing la! She say ok!
Today Aunty Janice and Aunty Sue not here.. Will coming in the afternoon.. Went somewhere!
So I will be answering all the calls. N I am calling all the pastor later for staff meeting.
a man cannot discover anything about his future.
i saw this verse.. I don't know anything bout my future! So I cannot think its a No what am I want to do now.. If you don't try u will fail forever! So u should try first. Who knows the result? So I won't give up!

Niki and Kevin


Steven ma- photos
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