Saturday, May 17

6th day?

Hmmm.. Its Sat.. Working in Bumble bee for part time~~ 2 hours better than none.. now waiting to eat my dinner.. i didn't take lunch ar... FAst~~~ kulukulu~~
Hmm.. this two days not uploading pic cause I can't find any nice pics.. wait I got pic first la..
Tonite hope can watch the concert award.. Lee hom got I think... heh heh!! I long time no c him d lu!!
Yesterday I went to cg! Erm.. Feel not so happy with JC attitude! If he say he donno what he come to cg for and say don wan to do anything la.. ok fine! I am not going to come anymore..
Excuse me.. What r u joking? U think u can talk nonsense! Don fool around~ I might be to harsh! But sometimes its u guyz make me like that! U can joke.. But pls on the right time! I oso joke but pls serious wen ppl say pls serious!
haihz... I ar.. haiz... give up on them man~
Anyways tmr having worship!! hmm.. hope everything will be ok! :) ;)
I waiting a reply from a very important person.. but i think it will never happen~~ T.T

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