Tuesday, May 20

7th day~ luv mom

Add 2 more days~~
Sun and yesterday eat at 12.. so need add 2 days!!
I think I'll finish end of next month! haiz.. T.T
So today is the 7th day!??
anyways.. I got a shocked today morning when I checked my mail.. Got a msg from tvb.com
I like WAH! He reply ar?? wahahah.. NOPE! Its a newsletter from tvb introducing new series~
=.=||| haha.. swt rite??
He really busy liao.. No update his blog.. he heh..
Now i am waiting my camp! 29-31
CAMERON! even though the olders wan tak mau pergi.. Still got us! So better than none! he he!
will be sleeping with Elisa and ying yi.. Mostly la.. if we sleep in a room.. lets say is 5 orang den it will be sa,yi,na,lyn, and chel.. So this 5 gals very cham.. wont sleep wan.. especially sa yi and na cause they will be talking n talking n talking! *sa is Elisa. yi is ying yi. na is me lo *
heh heh.. I noe I will b missing mommy~~~~ N she will be super miss me~~ even though i had camp b4.. but she sure miss me and worry me wan.. I oso will be worrying bout her..
She alone.. Luckily got boy boy teman her.. If not she lagi lonely.. Feel so sad...
Ok.. I sleep with my mom wan thats y she will miss me.. ok i know! i am 18 years old still sleep with my mom.. that's sound so.. kid~ish
ceh.. cannot meh.. From a baby until now I only got mommy~ sure I sleep with her la.. She and me only.. no other ppl with us ma~ My stupid dad left us when I am 18 months! So mommy take care of me until now-18 years old lor.. My sis got husband d.. So no contact with us.. My real bro has been sold by my own father when he just came out from my mommy tummy! T.T
I so hope I got 1 kor kor. n now i go but donno where is he.. THANKS TO MY FATHER!
hmmm.. hope can find my bro back! ok.. y suddenly i go so far.. heh heh.. sorry ya!
ok la.. that's all for now 1st..
still can't find nice pics.. upload later if i can find some~~
I love my mother.. hehe ;)

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