Monday, May 12

40 Days

I didn't go for cg. When to pasar malam cause mommy want to go..
Bought 2 pairs of earring~~ hehe... Then mommy buy food lo.. so many food... hehe.. That pasar malam not so nice.. but at least can go kai kai ma~~
Oh ya! RACHEL IS BACK!! wakakaka.. miss her so so so so much~~~
Stay at home and watch lot of dramas.. That's all
Go to church.. Go Sunday school to take care the children.. T.T naughty betul.
We had a youth meeting.. We going to Cameron!! haha.. yeah yeah! never been there before!! hahaha..
I am in charge of food.. And I am going to cook for them.. So ... It will be FUN!! kekekeke...
Oh ya.. I want to do something now.. I want to try! I am praying too.. So for 40 days i will skip lunch.. Fasting~~ I realized that I always ask God I want this I want that! So this time.. I want to fast to want something and pray for it!
No one will know what I want.. Something impossible.. But with God all things are possible~ So I will do it~ But I am so hungry now... nvm i will tahan de! I will fast.. except when I got something on I only skip fasting and replace another day! 40 days?? some more got 39 days~gambateh..
Elisa and me talk to Sis Lai Ming bout something.. Elisa! You very brave! heh heh...
Never tot u will say out oso! ooops.. My stomach kili kulu d~~~~~~
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