Friday, March 28


Elisa is my best fren!!!
i like her so much!!!
No matter when i feel I'm not happy or what she will be there for me!!!
Most of the time she will be busy here n there to do lot of thing!
So pityful!
Must try to help her if i can!
What i can hope is she will found her true love..
haha.. Elisa!
I noe u will be reading this!!!
So u don kill me ya!!!

My fren!!!

hahahah... he is going to kill me if he saw this pic!!!
Yesterday i ask him to c his friendster.. I upload for him...
he don wan... he say later fren tease him..
Then i ask him to c my profile... I uploaded this pic too...
he say ok lorrr....
Feel so sorry for him.. den now i put here pula!!!
he will kill me! This pic was taken by me on easter nite!!!
he looks funny.. Don't u think so??
Doesn't look like him!!!

Thursday, March 27

2 days to go

ok.. another 2 days i will be free from this company!!
i will be goin to cbc church office!!!
scary la..
donno how le...
mayb more tough then here

Tuesday, March 25

in the office

I'm really sick.... my nose run away xD!!
Its stuck!!!! bad nose.. make me sneeeeeeze and itchy (???)
cant stand!!!!head bursting!!!
really feel like throwing my nose to the end of the sea !!!!!!!!!
mommy ask me to but tablets!! yesterday got scolded by her cause did not buy ice cream for her!!
haihz!!!! donno wat to say!!
buy got scolded cause not the flavour she want..
Didn't buy say i don wan buy for her!!!!!!!
sometimes i do not really noe wat to do!!!!
Maybe i'm wrong!!!!
sick sick sick!!!!
I really hope i can have 1 day without any problems and can have fun for whole day without get scolding
or any sad stuff!!!!!!!
I really tired leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sound out!

If we got a feedback session,
I really want to sound out everything that i not satisfied!!
I want to keep all things in my heart but i cannot like that forever!
it will never change!!!!
The youth should change!!!!
Me oso must change!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24

Easter Night, birthday boy night!!

First of all, Thank god for a tired but a wonderful night!! Amen!!
Yesterday is Easter night and its also our ERIC big day.... (So ngam...)
When service time,,, i wrote a happy birthday on my MOST precious paper that Dou Wei gave me to Eric.. xD
Then I ask lai ming jie jie whether want to buy cake n give him or not...
Yeah she say YES!!!!
So Esther bought and v just act normal... or can consider forget bout it...
Until the night end den I remembered!!
"Oh no!!! mana Eric mana Eric!! Den sis lai ming oso.. den v try to ask the visitors and the
youth to go next door..
Its kinda weird!!!
So funny!!!!
Then all the youth go next door left few youth n me with him
den v cha cha tai tai go next door...
Actually its not so surprising!!!
Watta waste!!!!
I can't act!!!
The Easter is fun cause nana yew yew n DOU WEI came..
I sit with Dou Wei.. So happy cause he came!!!
Took his PIC...
Look so weird n funny!! looks like those HAM SAP PPL!!!!!!!!!
haha (he going to kill me if he see this)
but really fun lar...
den all the events finished he need to go liao..
Sad... den he say meet me next week for bad.. hehe
Can meet!!! YEAH..
As for joe n yew!! botak la that yew..
haha.. love his hair so much!!
Will be missing his hair..
His bday comin.....
Must give him a surprise present!!
joe studying le... haiz..
wont be meeting so often anymore... Sad
miss u joanna!! miss u lim eng yew!!!!!!!!!
luv u guyzzzzzz

Wednesday, March 19


I'm so fed up with myself.. I do not know why those feeling come back again.
Especially when she did something and i feel that its so wrong.
I hate what she had done. I should not hate her. But i still hate her.
I should understands her feeling?
U should understand me!! I'm so tired.. Can i just give up for everything??
Please don't make me hate you.
Don't like that again. Pls don't do it again.

Tuesday, March 18


Told my boss wat i hate!!!!!!!!!!!! Told him cause of his beloved wife that
always scold me!!!
N i don like it..
Then explain everything to HIM!!!
He understand at last..
So ok d lor..
But i still stopping this month...
I got better job mar..
At least now i tell vivian everything she also ok lor...
Husband and wife oso understand me..
So i no scare liao..

Friday, March 14


I wan to study!!!!!!!!!
This is what i think this few days!! I want!!!
Yesterday uncle called!!!
When I saw his number.......
So Scare!!
he was asking me whether wat i wan to do!
I said that i wanted to continue study but....
Den he say will c how it goes...
maybe study part time!!
ok oso wat!!!
i wan i wan i wan to study!!!!

Thursday, March 13


Yesterday went to skol!!
at first i'm not scare
but that Duwi keep say
"mati lo""mati lo"
make me so scare!
She was scare bout her result.. And
this makes me scare too!!!
I've been try to calm down
but she make me scare!
When around 10 something I saw lot of ppl there!!
Everyone with a smile and talking happily..
I saw One guy with gold hair standing besides evonne..
Guess Who??
Wat a yeng hair!!
Deb i saw another guy with gold hair but darker the colour..
He looks like an insurance guy.. (Winnie said punya)
Funny lar...
After that i saw a green colour shirt gal...
Very beautiful!!!!!
LOoks so Differenttttttttt!!!!!!
den i went to her n sara, sin yen siow kay n kai loon is there too..
We chat for a while n we were saying bout Barisan Nasional n DAP!!
Around 11 something.. Teachers came in the hall with papers~~
i means result..
on that time my heart beat.......
almost stop!!!!!
Then all q up!!!
But seems like my class 5B q only.. Cause most of us want to take our result ASAP!!
when its my turn i really don noe wat to say!!
What in my heart is
Don fail
don fail!!!
Den i took my result..
But yet see!!!
At last i saW....
NO FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with english A1!!!!
Thats all...
4 no credits!!
but better than fail la...
den i dissapointed for my Moral n my est..
I got B only..
I taught i can get at least A2 for that...
Not happy for this 2 subjects!!!
However i too surprise with my PHYSICS!!
A girl that NEVER study in class for this subject!!
A girl that NEVER do homework for this!!
A girl that been months not in the skol!!!
Still can get a C!!!
Never noe!!!!
better than my bio n chem that i got study!!! haha..
My maths get a C too!!!
My add maths pass with a D!!
er.. mayb ppl would think that D is not good.. But at least i pasS!
addmaths is a very difficult subject that i hate the most!
i still can pass!
My history is the worst of all.. no credit n just pass..
What a shame!!
when to ms yeo.. let her c my result..
she was happy n said that i get A1 for my english n B3 for my triple 1 9..
She really very happy..
She said i really good in my english n bm..haha
BM i just get B!!
Good kah??
don think so!!!
When back to my mom n let her c..
I noe that if my english is ok.. den she will be ok!!!
i m smart!!!
she said that luckily i get A for english.
But overall is ok!!
She said that at least no fail...
So everyone is happy with my result!!!!
My mom even let me go Sara party tmr nite!!
Hope my fren don think i m stupid cant get lot of A in my spm..
N get all ABCDE in my spm pula..

Tuesday, March 11


I been thinking what should i do this few days..
I wanted to study!!
But i can't
cause No $$..
don noe wat to do..
Feel like want to give up!!!
Suddenly today college ppl call me n ask me whether i interested or not!!
den sunway oso sent me a msg!!!
What shall i do!!!
i don no!!!
anyone can help me???
work or study??

Monday, March 10

I don like my job now

I going to take my result on wednesday!
I told my boss i want to take leave!
He say i cant go cause i got lot of things to do!
I've done my work and i quitting this month.
Why he didn't find any workers!??
I've been doing more than i should do!
my pay is just RM700!!
they say SPM cert is not important..
If It is not important for you then y u take SPM last time??
I really don understand them!!
When they need my help they keep smile to me!!!!
Then when they got other ppl they show their 'black face' to me!
Is it all the boss r the same??
I really don feel like helping them anymore!!
But i need to be patient for 2 more weeks!!
I hope i don explode!


someone is coming back in 2 weeks time..
ask me to teman him go out wor..
i still donno wat to say..
i don have the feelings anymore..
nowadays i been busy working n thinking wat to do so that i can study.
N i never think of him..
until today i ask him wen he comin he say 2 weeks time..
n say wan bring me out..
Maybe i kinda flower heart ppl..
mayb this few weeks i been talking to Soon Yong N soon Wah
so i totally forget him..
wait him come kl..
den i should explain to him...
should i?

Sat n Sun

i Knew he wont call me after he work..
I keep giving my ownself hope that he will cal me
So at last...
he didn't..
I feel so sad actually
But i already get used to it..
last time soon wah also like that..
I really don understand..
Twins r like that izzit??
Same character!!
this morning came to work check friendster..
Saw got msg..
Its from Soon Wah..
He write chinese to me..
with a little bit of wisdom!
I know how to read..
he was saying that he NEVER forget me..
he miss me so much
This word i really hope to hear long ago!
this time he promise will come Kl and find me
(i hope is real this time)
but in my heart now i keep thinking of Soon Yong..
maybe pity him cause he got an accident...
Hope to hear from him soom.. I miss him..
Soon Wah too!!!

Friday, March 7


S0on Y0ng called me around noon yesterday..
he ask me what i sms him in the morning.
I told him..
He didn't tell me he got angry or not after he heard..
I think he not so happy lar..
But we do chat!!!
so happy...
Then he cont work le..
we sms for half an hour
Then he say at night will call me...
No... din sms..
Then Mommy sms him use her phone
My mom...
What a mom...
So cute...
Then Soon Yong Sms me say soory he went out to play den din sms me..
Den we sms until Ivy's Bf call me n ask me something..
Then after finish.. i sms him...
He no reply le...
Bcoz... I think he slept d..
Tosay he sms me n say sry!!! He too tired..
sleep d..
wat a pig he is..

Thursday, March 6


At last I can hear his voice.. My 2nd kor kor..
Yesterday i chat with Soon Wah d... Soon Yong call but Soon Wah talk..
After that Soon Yong don noe got angry ma..
My mom say sure will angry wor..
If he angry I ma die lor..
Soon Yong.. Don angry la..
Yesterday i talked to Soon Wah but actually i talked to Soon Yong more happy
maybe because....
I can talk anything with him.
If Soon WAh..
I cant talk lor..
Ppl got Gf..
so Difficult to talk...
missss them!!!!!!!
Today I sms Soon Yong ask him got angry ma..
He no reply me wor..
I think he wont choi me ler..
how le..
I better don wan disturb him le.....

Wednesday, March 5


i'm so happy at first wen i can found back them..
then wen Soon Yong call me i oso very happy n chat for 2 hours..
but yesterday i was thinking...
maybe Soon yong will never call me again.. i will never hear his voice again..
i knew them very well.
they easily for get ppl.
Then i thinking of Soon wah... I was so happy wen he take care of me
last time..
i kena bully.. he will come n sayang me..
but now he will never d that to me anymore.
How he can take care of me.
i miss him so much..
i been finding them for 4 years..
i been missing them..
i never miss a person like that..
i never have a feeling like that..
i think in the first place i should not find them..
cause my heart now is getting pain...
n my head cannot get rid of them..
every second i keep thinking of this twins,...

Tuesday, March 4

should be happy or sad??

I found back SOon Wah and SOon Yong, my 2 twins kai kor... I'm so happy at first but i got a little sadness in me.. SOon Wah got girlfren d le.. His bro wan to give me his hp number but scare his GF will come kacau me.. Last time de SOon Wah where will find this kind of GF wan.. His mom let meh?? His mom don like ppl control his son wan wor.. I really miss last time wen i n SOon Wah so closed.. N his mom, my kai ma.. Y lar.. Y lar now like that.. However, I still got one more kor kor Soon Yong.. No matter wat happen Soon Wah N Soon Yong will in my heart forever.. They r my the most best KOR KOR forever.. No one can replace them in my heart.!! Luv u both...