Tuesday, March 25

in the office

I'm really sick.... my nose run away xD!!
Its stuck!!!! bad nose.. make me sneeeeeeze and itchy (???)
cant stand!!!!head bursting!!!
really feel like throwing my nose to the end of the sea !!!!!!!!!
mommy ask me to but tablets!! yesterday got scolded by her cause did not buy ice cream for her!!
haihz!!!! donno wat to say!!
buy got scolded cause not the flavour she want..
Didn't buy say i don wan buy for her!!!!!!!
sometimes i do not really noe wat to do!!!!
Maybe i'm wrong!!!!
sick sick sick!!!!
I really hope i can have 1 day without any problems and can have fun for whole day without get scolding
or any sad stuff!!!!!!!
I really tired leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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