Tuesday, March 4

should be happy or sad??

I found back SOon Wah and SOon Yong, my 2 twins kai kor... I'm so happy at first but i got a little sadness in me.. SOon Wah got girlfren d le.. His bro wan to give me his hp number but scare his GF will come kacau me.. Last time de SOon Wah where will find this kind of GF wan.. His mom let meh?? His mom don like ppl control his son wan wor.. I really miss last time wen i n SOon Wah so closed.. N his mom, my kai ma.. Y lar.. Y lar now like that.. However, I still got one more kor kor Soon Yong.. No matter wat happen Soon Wah N Soon Yong will in my heart forever.. They r my the most best KOR KOR forever.. No one can replace them in my heart.!! Luv u both...

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