Friday, March 7


S0on Y0ng called me around noon yesterday..
he ask me what i sms him in the morning.
I told him..
He didn't tell me he got angry or not after he heard..
I think he not so happy lar..
But we do chat!!!
so happy...
Then he cont work le..
we sms for half an hour
Then he say at night will call me...
No... din sms..
Then Mommy sms him use her phone
My mom...
What a mom...
So cute...
Then Soon Yong Sms me say soory he went out to play den din sms me..
Den we sms until Ivy's Bf call me n ask me something..
Then after finish.. i sms him...
He no reply le...
Bcoz... I think he slept d..
Tosay he sms me n say sry!!! He too tired..
sleep d..
wat a pig he is..

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