Thursday, March 13


Yesterday went to skol!!
at first i'm not scare
but that Duwi keep say
"mati lo""mati lo"
make me so scare!
She was scare bout her result.. And
this makes me scare too!!!
I've been try to calm down
but she make me scare!
When around 10 something I saw lot of ppl there!!
Everyone with a smile and talking happily..
I saw One guy with gold hair standing besides evonne..
Guess Who??
Wat a yeng hair!!
Deb i saw another guy with gold hair but darker the colour..
He looks like an insurance guy.. (Winnie said punya)
Funny lar...
After that i saw a green colour shirt gal...
Very beautiful!!!!!
LOoks so Differenttttttttt!!!!!!
den i went to her n sara, sin yen siow kay n kai loon is there too..
We chat for a while n we were saying bout Barisan Nasional n DAP!!
Around 11 something.. Teachers came in the hall with papers~~
i means result..
on that time my heart beat.......
almost stop!!!!!
Then all q up!!!
But seems like my class 5B q only.. Cause most of us want to take our result ASAP!!
when its my turn i really don noe wat to say!!
What in my heart is
Don fail
don fail!!!
Den i took my result..
But yet see!!!
At last i saW....
NO FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with english A1!!!!
Thats all...
4 no credits!!
but better than fail la...
den i dissapointed for my Moral n my est..
I got B only..
I taught i can get at least A2 for that...
Not happy for this 2 subjects!!!
However i too surprise with my PHYSICS!!
A girl that NEVER study in class for this subject!!
A girl that NEVER do homework for this!!
A girl that been months not in the skol!!!
Still can get a C!!!
Never noe!!!!
better than my bio n chem that i got study!!! haha..
My maths get a C too!!!
My add maths pass with a D!!
er.. mayb ppl would think that D is not good.. But at least i pasS!
addmaths is a very difficult subject that i hate the most!
i still can pass!
My history is the worst of all.. no credit n just pass..
What a shame!!
when to ms yeo.. let her c my result..
she was happy n said that i get A1 for my english n B3 for my triple 1 9..
She really very happy..
She said i really good in my english n bm..haha
BM i just get B!!
Good kah??
don think so!!!
When back to my mom n let her c..
I noe that if my english is ok.. den she will be ok!!!
i m smart!!!
she said that luckily i get A for english.
But overall is ok!!
She said that at least no fail...
So everyone is happy with my result!!!!
My mom even let me go Sara party tmr nite!!
Hope my fren don think i m stupid cant get lot of A in my spm..
N get all ABCDE in my spm pula..

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