Wednesday, March 5


i'm so happy at first wen i can found back them..
then wen Soon Yong call me i oso very happy n chat for 2 hours..
but yesterday i was thinking...
maybe Soon yong will never call me again.. i will never hear his voice again..
i knew them very well.
they easily for get ppl.
Then i thinking of Soon wah... I was so happy wen he take care of me
last time..
i kena bully.. he will come n sayang me..
but now he will never d that to me anymore.
How he can take care of me.
i miss him so much..
i been finding them for 4 years..
i been missing them..
i never miss a person like that..
i never have a feeling like that..
i think in the first place i should not find them..
cause my heart now is getting pain...
n my head cannot get rid of them..
every second i keep thinking of this twins,...

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