Monday, May 26


Hmm.. Wau.. Today is monday. So tmr is tuesday! after tuesday is wednesday! So after wednesday is???
That means. ITS camp day! xD... We going soon!! Wednesday need to buy thing! All da groceries!
Hope I don't left out! Must check with Elisa later!
Today need to call Dou Wei to ask whether he is going or not.. HOPE HE GO LA!!
Yesterday taught want to cut hair with Ying Yi.. But den.. No car!! T.T
Chee Hon say he cut d.. n he oso no car.. Then Lai Ming say that if we want to go she can drop us there then we go back by our self! So at last no cut!! wuwuwu..
Doing flyer now for Father's Day! Haiz.. I tot I ok with 'her' d.. But yesterday she came in n start to talk I don like again.. N den Elisa went back I lagi feel no mood to talk! hmm.. I donno la. I still cannot change my feeling towards her! Donno Elisa how le??
I miss a 'someone' very much.. She is not her but I superb miss her o!
maybe will meeting her soon!! xD...
Yesterday got all my schedule... Worship and Sunday School... not much to do.. okok oni la..
So i m ok.. But den I got usher! er.. wear skirt?? heh heh.. long time no wear liao summore donno how to wear!
I want to be a 100% girl but I can't wear skirt due to my ugly n lot of dots punya leg!
I donno! I donno! Wait I got money I go re-do my leg! re-do?? heh heh
oh ya.. friday cell. I still keep smiling when I rmb that day!~
We played train! hahahhaq.. I just can't stop laughing when its my turn to guess where is the train. Chee Meng is da station! He just so noisy there! HE keep 'hallelujah'.. n everyone keep pass the train to him.. hahahah
at last he kalah!!! yeah!everyone bully him.
the worship was great! Chee Meng choose the song! Even though those songs we always sing but there's a different feeling inside there! O~~~

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