Thursday, July 3

Got mood (on ice??)

Hohoho... Today I'm happy. Happy.. Want to know why.. Ok.. I'll tell! I'm happy because... I... am happy.. LAME.. Its a secret.. So I can't tell. xD.. Only I know why... xD Bad huh? I know.. xD

My fanfic now goes to chapter 4.. My grammar really terrible.. Haiyoyo.. I wonder how I can get A in UPSR, PMR, And A1 in my SPM. xD Anyway... For those who are too free, nothing to do, feel that they want to read something to let the times pass, want to see my bored stories or anything.... Feel free to click under ~~my loved ones~~.. ~my stories~ to read.. Or click this to read. Haha.. After finish reading. Pls drop a comment to let me know how to improve it. I got to thks Princess for reading my fanfic. PRINCESS. I know who are you. Now I got a secret code guy and a secret code girl.. xD Pls continue to support me and drop comments in my fanfic comments page.. hahaz..

Here, I want to promote some nice series. er..
Forensic heroes 2 is BEST.
HanaKimi is BEZT! (even though is long d)
Money maker recipe is nice
It started with a kiss is good~ (long d lu)
They kissed again is a must watch (i not yet watch)
The Seventh Day

I know I've been telling all this for 'much' times (uncountable times). Anyway, its really nice. For those haven't watch those series I mentioned. Pls watch it. Some very touching one such as TSD! T.T cried until.. SObz.. Some are funny.. Laugh until tummy pain.. hehe..

Oh ya.. Yesterday I had few dream. The one I can remember is with the youth. This time is mostly the older ones. I saw those older ones, a new girl, and 2 more girls that I know (can't remember who's that. They look beautiful.. i taught is sasa and yiyi in the dream. after I woke up I don't think is them.) I really hope the dream can come true cause we play happily.. N we don't have any border between us. Why I dream this? Is that because its going to happen soon? Or I dream this because I want this to happen. Since in reality can't happen then I dream? But there's a new girl. Who's that? Hmmm.. Anyway, I had another dream with.. (ahem) not going to tell. I think due to I dream to much in reality so I dream this.. (pls don't think somewhere else. For sure its not like what you think. )

Sasa. The prince that you said for sure won't happen. Because HE will never be my prince and I don't want him to be my prince! xD like you said. One day, there will be one for me. I hope so. But for sure is not him. My mom really need a son-in-law. Haiz.. Where can I find one. She is more desperate than me. haha...

Noticed my post topic? Haha.. because yesterday I'm on fire. So today I'm on ice... xD

To my best friend;
I want to tell you something
But I'm afraid.
Not because you can't keep
Just afraid..

Dream Dream Dream

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