Tuesday, March 19

Girls; Heels; Girls

Lately I have been asked to stop wearing heels. Reason being because I fell down from stairs earlier last month. 
Well, I am too obsessed with heels. I can't live without it. So I am asking myself why do I love heels that much nowadays? I don't previously. 
So I've been searching the net wondering why girls like wearing heels and get obsessed with it; just like me. And oh, I came across thousands of answer yet I can't find mine. Some answers really makes me "LOL-ed" so hard. 

For example:
Men like feminine women and high heels are distinctively feminine. Furthermore, they are somewhat restrictive and require an effort to wear, so by wearing them you are making the statement that you are serious about being feminine and perhaps also that you want the man to be masculine.

All clothes including shoes have an inside and an outside. The effect of the outside is what I just described. On the inside heels make the wearer feel beautiful, feminine and perhaps a little fragile and in need of protection. A lot of women enjoy that feeling and a lot of men would like to provide the protection.

Finally, they tone your muscles and make you wiggle your butt very attractively when you walk. They also require more metabolism when you walk so they slim you a little.

High heels can ruin your feet if they do not fit well. I am convinced that they are perfectly safe to wear if they are well made. Listen to your body. If you feel good about your heels, by all means stay on your toes." - yahoo answer.

Those in bold seriously.. Gee! Not true. Well, not for me though! I love wearing heels but I do not intend to want a masculine man. Maybe true for being more feminine since I am so tomboy-ish. The worst part "wiggle your butt very attractively when you walk" I don't do that okay. Wait! Not that I know of. :P 

Anyway, come back to why I love heels that much since I don't really into it last time. Well, I always have this admiration feeling when i shop for normal shoes. I used to "by the way" to take a look on heels, but, never ever try to get one for myself. Also, never thought of wearing it everyday now. Besides, mom really doesn't like me wearing heels because of safety reason. That's why I always just "hi and bye". I don't have the chance until I went Penang few years back and I came across this heels bazaar where I feel in love with their shoes. I tried and showed my mom and she was like "NOOO! Too high." But I insists and showed her how I walked with it. And oh yeah, I bought two pairs of heels with her permission. She strongly says it's only for occasionally purpose. So yeah, occasionally wear it to work. And starts to wear it often-ly and now everyday to work :) And now each time I pass-by any shops selling heels, my eyes automatically glance at it and hope to have it. Now my shoe cabinet is full with it. Mom started to complain that I should stop buying. Well, I have stopped. But I hope to have more. I don't think I have enough yet.  

I am trying to control this love for shoes. Trying Trying trying real hard. I guess one of the reason is because I am short! Seriously people love saying me short! With heels I can be taller. Hahahahahhahaha! The higher the heels, the happier I feel. The below are 2 of collections. They are at least 12cm or more! 

And oh, I bought it online from Agape Boutique. You can click here if your are interested. And I strongly recommend them cause I love wearing their shoes :) 

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