Monday, October 11

Wedding dinner makes me caught the limelight

My blogger header picture seems so retarded wei! 

Although it looks damn retarded but every time I open this blog it makes me laugh because of my retarded-ness! Well, nowadays I took loads of picture. Someone say is for single teenage girl that makes them look silly.. Uhm, am I silly then? Well, as long as I am happy with things, I guess it is okay. If one day I don't like the pictures, I can just delete the whole album. =p 

You know what?!  The day before yesterday was my Puchong house mate brother engaged day. My family and I went to Puchong to have a so called dinner. Well, I wore a nice red dress/gown. When I reach there I saw my friend sister wearing a "blocot" T-shirt and also a jean skirrt only. I was like.. What the... Wear wrong liao Wear wrong liao. When I walk in to the place. Everyone look at me. Damn it! It's not my wedding but I look like I am the one. I stole the limelight. =.=

I went to sit with my friend and her boyfriend says that can I go to change another t-shirt since there mall nearby. . Haha.. LOLness..

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~SirJoe² ~ said...

No you're not silly lol.. or ARE you? XD haha jkjk The one day will come when you suddenly feel that you want some of the pictures down XD cause you feel silly haha, till that day comes xD Enjoy~ Love your blog background by the way ^^... goes back to "stealing your pikturees" xD evil cat laugh LAWL haha