Sunday, May 1


Blogging used to be part of my life. I used to blog everyday. At times I blog few times a day. However now you can see that I am not very active in blogging. Sometimes I am on hiatus or sometimes once a month.
Every time when I am online, the first thing I do is of course - Facebook. Sometimes my purpose is not to go facebook but i automatically will just open that web and do nothing. Most of the times I think of something I wanted to blog but when I switch on the laptop, I will go to facebook or some other sites like news and email but not blogger. If I am in blogger, I don't feel like blogging anymore cause I feel is a waste of time. I don't have the feeling like I used to have. Perhaps it is because my English is not so powerful. Sometimes I feel that when people read my English they will laugh because my English is not good.

I tried to close down this blog a few times but, always, I open it back because I just want this blog. Don't know why. Maybe this is one of my best memories.

I hope I can still continue with this blog. Now I think if there is no one single person that read my blog, it is okay. Because my purpose now is to write my thoughts. Maybe with this I can prolong a little longer.

Sign off

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