Saturday, November 29

Tag by Elisa

I got tag thousand times with this tag and I ignore it, but today due to I got TAG by this good best friend, sasa, SO I DO IT. Only because of YOU!

There the taggie start... T.T

A. Tag 10 monkeys.... Some got blog some no blog. Want to do or don't want, You like la~

1. Joel Goh
2. Ying Yi
3. Joshua
4. Chee Meng
5. Gabriel
6. Sheng Jian
7. Elisa
8. Joanna
9. Poh Yee
10. Hui Huan

How do you know 1-Joel?
~ He is too famous for his is the MONKEY KING!

What would you do if you never met 2-Ying Yi?
~ My life will feel boring because I will feel empty without a pig.. xD

What would you do if 3-Joshua & 4-Chee Meng dated you?
~*Gulp* One is tooooooooooo YOUNG.. One is toooooooooooo HANDSOME..

Would 5-Gabriel & 6- Sheng Jian make a good couple?
~ Sheng Jian is tooooooooooo HANDSOME & YENG to him.. haha.. jkjk. both of them hate gays!

Do you think 7- Elisa is attractive?(:
~ If she is not attractive, I won't be doing this blog.. She beyond attractive! =)

Do you know anything about 8's-Joanna family?
~ Yes! *gua*

Tell me something about 9-Poh Yee.
~ She's been "hilang" from blog very long and she just finish her SPM. Now, she IS BACK IN ACTION. "luv u little girl" =)

What language does 2-Ying Yi?
~ Er... Rojak- ing and pig language.. * lala* is one of her language!

Who is 3- Joshua going out with?
~ Boy's brigade now at Town Park.. =p

How old is 4- Chee Meng?
~ 2x... I know how old is he but why must i reveal their secret.. BLEK

Who is 6-Sheng Jian favourite singer?
~ Not sure.. Korean songs gua!

Would you date 7-Elisa?
~Yea. I dated her on 6th 7th & 8th December... We are going to do something super fun! =)

10-Hui Huan single?
~ I don't think so. Lala...

What is 9's-Poh Yee last name?
~ Kam Poh Yee... rite??

Which school does 2-Ying Yi go to?
~ lalala school...

What do you like about 3-Joshua?
~ Why this question? er.... Why? SECRET! Don't want tell a... blek blek blek..

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