Thursday, March 26

Did nothing

If a guy cry it is big matter.. Really?!

Recently, 2 of my close friend cried. One in his room and another in the toilet. I don't know whether it is big matter or not but I knew it hurt me so much to see this two person cried. They are so tough on the outside. They are the person who I always rely on.. But when they cried, me, as a friend, can't really do much and I do think I am being a burden for them. I always want to pleased everybody in my life.. However, I don't think I can do it. I always want to make everyone happy but actually how many people are really happy when I am around. I don't think people wants me to be with them. I think they would want me to just get on my butt and get away far from them. Anyway, back to the two guys. When they cry, in my heart, deeply, I want to help them by, maybe giving advised or maybe telling something to make them happy. However, I did nothing. I feel so useless. I did nothing at all.

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