Tuesday, June 24

Need someone

18 years of stories~ I really do not know how I can be a grown up child that been through so many circumstances. Really cannot believe myself and my mom that take care of me. 18 years. I believe God really love me so much cause I'm still in this world and had a bunch of loving and caring friends around me! Thank you Lord. I really want to share my stories with some people that are willing to listen. Cause I need to burst up to people.. Yesterday burst my own self. Cried for a night! really been a hard time. Burst to my own self can't works. I need to burst to someone. Anyone willing to hear? I do not think so. Even my best friend also have no time for me. She is busy and have her own life. we are just friends. Friends is friends. There's still a border line. I really feel want to cry again! Today I was asked to make a decision again! Hey~ I can't make any decision. I hate to make any decision~ Pls let me out of this kind of things! If you want me to make a decision. i would want to do what I want. But it never happens. So? End up no decision.

I need a shoulder

I need a listener

I need a person that I really needed
Can you?

I saw you now
with your cool-ness

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