Saturday, June 14

I want to know what happen?!

I will never ever trust you. Cause you are the one I cannot trust.. I just cannot trust you. And I hope you know I am telling you. You just want attention. You just want me to know. Even though he tell what or WHATEVER LA i won't care. Its between you n him!!! Your character is too weird for me. I just dont understand you! N i not going to understand you. I try to accept you but you just make me feel more weird each time I want to accept you.... As I said. If that vampire do not believe the owl. The owl will just wait the vampire to know the truth 1 day. I am tired now. I am not going to care anymore.. Try to help but end up I am the one get hurt! What in the world? I am so angry now. Vampire told the owl that 'some creature' say about something.. This already feel so weird and don't know what that 'creature' said.. Then know 'the creature' trying to tell me vampire say negative things bout me. What you both trying to do!!!!!!!! I am so TIRED! Now i am the one confused. Can someone pls explain?!

I still trust you, the one that I trust before!

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