Tuesday, June 3

When the skys are blue?

I change my layout. I like it this time cause I do not need to edit html. I lazy!
Yesterday something happen! So can't sleep.. Sms 'ppl' but den not really chat with. Just ask 'you sleep d?' Den sleep liao? Haven't Sleep? haha.. Swt rite? keep asking this only. So what happen today? Panda eyes lo.. However not tired.. Pastor Michael very funny. joke with me.. Bought me lunch too. Oh ya. Pastor Michael is Gab dad! My kor dad! hehe...
I am not fasting today due to got food!! (;
In the office today still ok lo.. I am doing layout now.. Woohoot~~~ Waiting elisa on9! waiting yiyi on9~ Also waiting evryone on9~ Thats all la.. waiing photo to be upload in the forum, my blog and GGSUS blog..
I want to say something.. I love GGSUS~ians...
The sky are blue?
The sky are grey?
Depends your mood!
For me now,,
Its blue~~

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