Tuesday, June 10


I do not know what she said. I taught that she is an innocent girl. I hope she is. I'm trying to treat her as my sis. I do not want the annoying girl again. If she haven't change then I have nothing to say! From last time my classmates, my schoolmates told me she is annoying. She is a terrible girl and sort of bad things they say bout her. This is what I heard. People say she likes to talk behind people but in front of them she will act.. However I do not believe cause I want to see by my own eyes. I hope I won't see it now.. I hope what I think is true and what people say is not.
If you we're torn between two
I would like you to just trust yourself.
Games that are meant only for two person,
cannot be played by three person,
if to force to play
in the end there's just unhappiness!

If vampire do not trust owl
Owl is ok cause owl will wait vampire to see the truth

Dear Aaron,
I hope the news i get is not true! I'm worried! Hope you will be ok.. May our Lord protect you from any harm.

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