Saturday, August 9


At bumble bee again. No one except me in. Feel so relax.. No sound. No argument. Only me with my voice.. xD.. No one is here.. So its my world.. Ok.. Now. I am planning to save $$ for a few things. I want to buy a camera... Yup.. To do something. *what can I do with a camera* take pics lar... haiyo~ I got a big project on. Besides, I don't want to take ppl camera always mar... So PS PS.. heh heh.. hmmm... tomorrow sunday d o... Go back home, got to ready stuff. tmr got to bring experiencing God book. then need to take out my jeans and shirt.. If not tmr don't know what to wear.. haiz. Oh ya.. Planning to buy more jeans and shirt. Or maybe something else... Hmmm. see how...
haiz... SIEN SIen Sien.. Go to watch movie lar.. BYE

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