Monday, August 4

Sunday annivesary

Hey, I changed my layout once again. What do you guys think? Nice? For me I LOVE IT.
I been searching for hours~ Nobody is in the office. Everybody went for staff retreat. Since no one in the office, I use this opportunity to find layouts.
yesterday, I had so much fun~ Yes. SO MUCH~~ The worship is great! *sure lar.. Puchong in charge wor**coughcough*
Word Is GREAT~ YES.. Really very good. Besides that, had fun with Elisa's camera. *sorry Elisa for using your camera to take picture and the secret code guy pic. Don't angry with me ok* Ying yi and me takes loads of pic. We took Chee Kean, Chee Hon, uncle Kim pic. *traffic*. Worship team pic.* coughcoughcough* Korean kids, and more lar... I am a pro photographer u know. *ahem*
Had fun talking with adele, ying yi, elisa and so on.really had so much fun.
The most happy things is not this of course. I am happy because of something. Something that I really appreciate. Something that make me smile whole day. Something that was funny to me. But, not because of WEE ZCENT tie! Of course its funny but not because of that.
Anyway, pictures will be up soon. After those people send to me.

Yesterday night hope to eat bah kut teh. N yes, I went to eat!! happy!!! wahahaha.
what a great day I had. But 1 thing I am still suffering. Sick.. Not ok yet! T.T

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