Monday, August 18

just gila

Yesterday indeed is a good day for me..
Even though two sis not here but I had fun.
I back up singing with Kal.
He not happy o~ Somebody scolded him.
Not really scold him but he not so happy.
He really very not "song" that person.
Look at him like that makes me laugh. *evil betul*
Luckily after practicing the song "light of the world" he became better.
I understand why. *winks*
Then back to normal back.
I feel happy.
Really happy... Then when we going to start, we ask Wee Ric to sing with us.
The beginning is a bit "funny" but the back is ok *gua* nvm... Worship the Lord not the music~~

After the service and youth meeting, we got to clean up..
Kalven is so funny`
There's diapers inside the toilet.
He ask me to help him to pick it up and throw..
I say no...
Poor Kalven got to pick up and throw it by himself.
Sheng Jian close the door and hide himself.. *so bad*
I just can't stop laughing at Kal.
*hahahahahahahaha LOL*

This Thursday going to Orang Asli!!!
Although someone is not going.
Because of something.
I still will enjoy it.
Yes~ I will...

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