Thursday, August 14

why must u said that to me

You are my best friend
but today
you say something that make me feel so pain
I never cheat you all.
Can your words be more careful when you talk

I did mention I want to buy a new camera.
But what in the world.
You think I can afford?
Who told you I bought a camera?
If I got,
I wont' be using one of my friend camera to take pictures
In my life you are a special friend
but today
you ruin everything.
Tears are rolling down because of your words..
Thank you so much
Today, I've been full with problems
and not only today
But i never want you guys to know
Keep smiling whenever I can
Every Hour
Every second
I got things to think
to solve
i am not sitting there
spend on things that useless.
but why u said that to me?!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the job you've found for me..
Thank u
I don't want~
I don't want you to help anymore.

n kien..
If you have the same thinking as him..
i have nothing to say.

I will try my best to find a way to solve that thing~

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