Wednesday, August 20


This should be posted earlier. But, I just get this few days ago from one of my best friend ; ELISA


Elisa sherina & Jayzee~

us & del * i edited the pics actually*

No matter how I edit I am still that dark

ugly betul la me~~

*No comment*

~the prefects~ xD *winks*

That chee meng block joel, want to take joel goh serious face de. *winks*

I wonder where is Wee zcent~ *winks*

Chee Meng~ *winks*

There's Wee Zcent

Ah Zcent~~ *Winks* see what i going to do end of the post~

Gab~ act don wan't to see our camera. HMP~~

Edited Chee Meng *blek

the star of the day. Uncle Chris~ *clap clap*

preparing *take one*

preparing *take two*

Chee Kean.. Traffic lou

I say there! Not here! LISTEN TO ME! THERE!!!

Leng lui.... come here~~

Sir. bo place liao.. You can go home now~ *hahaha*

car keys still in there..*muahahahaha*

Haiyo~ say no place don believe de wor!

Junior and Senior GABRIEL

Josh~ I wonder why his pic so little de!

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

Korean Kids

There all believe in Christ! Amen.. 40 over of them perform. Wanted to take photos with them but they balik d.. T.T
Ok.. Go back to our worship and our youth photo....

Worship! Hosanna hosanna
My looks so evil here.. haha

my forever only 2 leader.
Joel Chan & my best friend ELISA!!!

Photo taken: Sherina
Camera used: Elisa
Models in the pics: My youth.
Go to take pics with me: Ying Yi
All photo edited by : Sherina

Thanks everyone~
Oops... almost forget... haha.. ZCENT!
wakakakaka... Target the tie pls~ xD I am so bad..

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