Tuesday, August 19


After talking to one of my best friend, I wanted to sms another friend to say sorry.
Maybe I don't understand what he/she saying or he don't understand what am I saying.
hahaha... I don't know.. for me CAPS = let u see clearer!
sometimes friend chat in msn i use caps de la. But den, no one tell me that caps is use for angry oso. I dumb gua~ xD
i think I should make things clearer for those people that are doubt.
But, sometimes I can't make things clear by myself. How to make things clear to u guys?
As I said, everyday I also don't know what to do. Now, I am listening to instruction, not my will.
You offer me a job. I am so glad, thankful. But, not just said I want to work then I can work. There are things between it you guys can't see. Because you are my special friend I don't want to tell. You helped me once. I am so guilty. Yes, I know what are you thinking. If i am guilty why not I explain and talk to you guys. and a due date and whatsoever. But, Sherina have no idea what to do in her head. dare not tell, dare not explain, dare not do,DARE NOT THINK. This is Sherina. Sherina became a useless person since last year when those things happened. she has been trying to overcome it but she can't. Fear is inside her. Confident had left her long time ago. You guys din not gone through it. You all can understand?
I've been saying I want to save money to buy this la buy that la. But, what I bought? nothing!
I also don't have enough money, can buy kah? Can I just dream? Dream also cannot.
I read your post! I smiling all the way. Haha.. I don't know why!
And I don't know what to say. CAPS=BAD?? hahahahha... Anyway, what you want to think you think ba. I used to it d. I think the sorry no need to say ba? Should I? Ok... SORRY.

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