Wednesday, December 1

Mom curiousity, My answer

I have loads of pictures to be edited and to be uploaded in Facebook & this lovely blog. Memory card reader cannot be detected anymore. Dear took back his memory card reader too. So, my pictures remain in my phone and I am fed up looking at them without molesting them. =p

Previously when the card reader is fine, I am lazy to edit and bro in law laptop keep crashing. Now when the laptop is fine and I have the spirit, the reader K.O.. How sad right?

Yea I know.

Anyway, I have something to blog today. It happens yesterday night when I am helping my mom to “guat sa”. If you have no idea what is that, let me explain.
Normally this “guat sa” is for older people. When they have back ache or they called it as wind in their body, they would want to be “guat” away (scratch it away? xD). So what we need to do is get a coin normally 20 cents and put some oil/cream on the place that you want to “guat” (cap minyak kapak, massage oil/cream) (not those lavender oils/cooking oil and of course not baby cream!).
Then you can start to “guat”/ “scratch” on the body.


Minyak Yu Yee
Cap Minyak Kapak

That is not what I am going to tell you! =p
It is about during I “guat sa” for my mom, all of the sudden my mom asked me something. She asked me whether I really want to study. I know when she asked me such a question that means she doesn’t really like me to further my study due to financial problem of course. So I only can answer her wait when I got the money then only study.

I am 20 this year. How long I need to wait? In my heart I know that I won’t able to study anymore no matter how much I want to. My mom really curios about why I like to study. Maybe I should tell her here. I like further my study because I know how important if I can get another cert. I’ve been working for 3 years. Everywhere wants a better certificate employee. If I want to get promoted, I need to have a better certificate. I experienced it before. Because a diploma cert, it makes a big different. And of course, if I can study what I want (mass communication) I can be what I want to be. However, those are dream. Dream that I hope can come true but I don’t think it will. I know I shouldn’t give up but, since I am form 5 I hope that I am given a chance to study. Yes, I was given a chance… To study for 1 semester. And during the one semester, it makes my life worsen.

Let’s hope the best to come.

I want my face to be pasted on the wall? LOL


SERVER is here. said...

may all your dreams will become true.! :))

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

hey, thanks for drop by..

I will read ur blog too. =)

PrisCielLa said...

Awww. :( that is so sad. :(
Don't worry, a miracle will come your way soon. :)) <3

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

PrisCielLa: thks for reading.. hehehe.. i hope too that there will be a miracle... n nice meeting u in innit! <3 (^^)

Philip Khor said...

thought it was a 10sen coin. good luck for your studies :)

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

Philip Khor: Thks alot. ^^