Friday, December 3

dEcEmBeR - cHrIsTmAs

Christmas is around the corner. Wao! It’s like bullet train. It is the end of the year now. Season of greetings is back now and I am thinking should I prepare any Christmas gifts or cards for some of my friends. And now, I think I will just send e-cards for all the friends that I know. =) Save our environment kays?! And of course, $$ =)

Well, I kinda realize this year the theme is like pink and blue. Wait!  Is it just me or it’s the theme for this year? I went to Tesco last week and I saw a pink Christmas tree. I wanted the pink Christmas tree at first. 
Pink Christmas Tree

However mom prefer white this year.So I bought a white medium tree and want to get all blue ornaments. However my mom wants the tree to be more than 2 colors. I guess if white and blue the tree will look nice too right? JUST SAY YES!

I want this 

Can i get another Christmas tree by myself? LOL Since mom wants it different from me, ISH ISH. >.<

Let's hope we have a wonderful Christmas yea!


All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
My two front teeth
Just my two front teeth.
Gee if could only get my two front teeth
Then I will wish you a Merry Christmas.


PrisCielLa said...

Merry Christmas sis :)) <3

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

u too.. <3

Celeste said...

that song is the cutest..used to sing that with me sis at really loud off key voice tooo! lol

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

Celeste: hahaha.. yea.. i always sing with my mom ... =))) and that is the cutest song!