Friday, March 5

I love you, Brandon!

I am going to blog this!

Guess what?

I love Brandon! Love you Love you! Although we just know each other but I really LOVE YOU. Muackssssssssssssssssss

Who's Brandon? My New BF? ^^

Read the rest and see his handsome picture!

Yesterday, my sis came to fetch me from Life College! Yeah! My mom's daughter! MY REAL SIS! I am so happy! She brought her son together and we went to have Sakae Sushi at IOI Mall!

Oh well, Sake Sushi quality is not as good as last time! Their food makes me so disappointed. Not to mention their service! One word : DISSAPPOINTED!

Sis paid with her credit card and we went to have a walk and went to Sense Cafe to have some drinks. My MOSHA blended taste nice! Actually should be MOCHA but I don't know why they spelt it as MOSHA! Haha. My nephew, Brandon is cute! Like his mom, DAMN FAIR.

I know Mommy very happy because she waited for more than 12 years to talk to her daughter. At last God bless her with her wish this year. Besides, my mom became a grandmother. How happy is it? I can't describe. For me, I became Auntie! Oh my, sounds so old! But, I am happy because I got a NEPHEW!

Let me show a few picture of my nephew! ^^

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