Saturday, April 16

I'm lovin IT!

I wanted to continue to blog about PENANG however, I've something BETTER TO BLOG!
The title sound familiar? Yeap!


From 15th to 27th of April Mcdonalds is giving out 125 Coca Cola Can Glass DAILY! Don't believe it? UP TO YOU!

I won a set today! heep heep hoooooraaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy~

What you need to do is simple.

Log in to your facebook and then goes to this link
Remember to like it first yea. Then on the left hand side of the screen go to LIMITED edition Coca Cola Can Glass. Then something like this will come out. If nothing comes out. Keep refreshing IT!~

Once it appears click JOIN NOW and read whatever come out next. Then click Join now again to register then choose the collage that you prefer and then start tagging 50 friends and TADA.
Well, actually not so easy though. You are only allowed to click join now at 1.25pm daily only. And it opens for 10 minutes if I am not mistaken. So you have to be very fast and pray that your internet line is BEST at that time and make everything FAST!

I had trouble today trying but thank GOD I got the whole set for FREE! So whatcha waiting for Go GET YOURS! or You can wait till 28th of April and buy the meal at Mcdonalds to get 1 free..

MY PROVE. Click the below picture to see no. 91! I am IN!!!! hahahahaha...

I'm lovin it!

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ken said...

no time for mcd lunch :/