Friday, February 18

A little long update bout Sherina

It’s been a long time since I blog. I am really busy of work and also stuff around. Again, I’ve changed job. Ever since I stop studying and chose to work. I haven’t found my true job that will make me stop and stay. Things are getting tougher but I know God will be here for me to work it out and walk with me.

And oh yea, I am officially single since last month or the month of December. (LOL). Can’t remember when is it but I know it is the best decision for both of us. Love cannot be force and once it is force it turns out badly. Well, let’s not make this so bad and ugly. Let time pass by and things will be better.

One good news! I am back to church. This time I open up my heart and want to serve in Subang. I had enough rest and I should stand on my feet and do stuff. Again, TIME is what we need and now IT’S TIME! Pray for the passion will stay.

Chinese New Year has ended like yesterday? I had a great Chinese New Year of course! Staying at home watching my Korean Drama until 4.00 a.m. and sleeping like nobody business. Well, not really sleeping since I can’t stop watching drama crazily. During Chinese New Year, I guess I had put on weight – a lot! I am getting fatter and fatter. My house is full with my Toblerone dark chocolate, Anglia Shandy, Carbonated drinks and so on. Hah! That’s why I put on weight! Did I mention to you guys on my weight? Haha.. I put on 10 kg in 2 months where doctor also got a shock and my mom is asking me to stop eating so much if not I will be like her and my sis! That’s so cruel. But seriously, I am getting fatter. Normally I don’t need to test or try the clothes/dress that I buy. I look at it and think I can wear, then I can wear. Now, it’s not this case anymore. Try before you buy it! My Chinese New Year clothes are kinda difficult for me to wear. Those tube-like dresses even worst. Can see how fat I am. And a few, I can’t even wear. (=.=)

As for Valentine’s Day, since I do not have a boyfie, my mom says that I won’t receive any gifts again. However, haha. My friend Andrew gave me my love! TOBLERONE DARK CHOCO with a note. He says “I know you do not have a love now. So now I present your new love TOBLERONE DARK CHOCO. The world is not gonna end if we do not have a love. We have a person that love us unconditionally and that is Jesus Christ. So dear…. No worry be happy on Valentine ’s Day ok? Loves you…” Oh Andrew, loves you for being such a nice friend. That’s not all I got for Valentine’s Day. I received a rose (I guess) from another friend. His name is Eu Mun. LOL. Met him back when I work at SS15 since he studying at Taylors. We have some business to discuss that’s why we met up and I receive that flower. MIRACLE that the flower still alive. =)

I am still staying at my sister house with my mom. Nothing good happen but arguments always happen. Let’s pray God protect everyone in the house. Sometimes I have no idea what to do. Leave it to God I guess.

So this is the update for today. Let’s enjoy some pictures. =)

P/S: Internet problem can upload my tonnes of photos. So Let's wait for the next time =)

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