Friday, March 11


Blogger is getting more fun with the fonts and stuff. =) My blog is in pink! Yeap~ Since Chinese New Year till then, I am fond of pink colour. So let’s remain pink for now ;)

Well there’s something unbelievable that I want to share. I jog everyday! Yup! Can’t believe right? I also don’t really believe that I wake up early everyday for jogging. This is all because I need to diet! I gained 10 kg in two months therefore, now I have to lose it soon! I don’t like being fat because I can’t wear my small shirt anymore and my leg looks like an elephant! That’s not good right?

And oh yea, Life College still owe me my money. I am so frustrated with it. O’Lord when can I get it and pay back the church?

A happier note –
Penang soooonn~ 

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