Friday, March 4


Life might be complicated most of the times with the unsolved problem around us, it depends on how we look at it and how we manage and feel bout it.

Sometimes things might just be very bad and you are in a very bad mood with stuff that makes you feel so bad, how bout have a cup of coffee and look at the sky? It gives you the best feeling - I dare to say.

When you feel depressed how bout look at the rain? Rain is not tears of God, but, it is gift of God. Always, when I am not happy or feeling depressed and when it rains, I look at the rain and smile to myself. Why? Because after the rain, everything will back to normal.

If things are so complicated, look it in another perspective. The world is not as complicated as you think. If you follow God, everything is in His hands and he will lead you whenever you need him. Wait! God is with you all the time. You don't feel it? Cause you haven't open your eyes yet. =)


Amen. . .

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