Tuesday, April 15

That's All....

I've been thinking of you day and night
I think I was stupid
I should just forget you
Because you are earn by someone already.
Maybe I should not like you in the first place
It just bring sadness to me
Maybe I should just let you go
So that I can start a new life too.
The more I think
The more I sad
The more I cried
The more I unwilling to let go
I promise to never let you go
But if I don't let you go
My heart continue to pain
So I've made this decision.
I can promise I will never like anyone again
It's pain to love someone and they don't love you
Sitting there wait for them it's a useless thing
So I'll always remain single.
I'll remain single until God sent me the Mr. Right
It is better than finding someone that you don't know the conclusion
I'm still pain now
But I know I'll recover soon.

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