Monday, April 28

Waited.. Came... Over...

Its picnic.. :) Waited for so long... At last it cames... hahaz.. First I should list out how many frens of mine came..
1. Yew Yew- went back early
2. Joanna-went back early
3.Michelle Loh
4. May Yoong
5.Michelle Chan- nt i called
6.Joanne Tham-nt I called
7. Dou Wei
We really had fun.. Joanna drove! Erm.. Eng Yew got scared and want to crawl out from the car cause of something.. xD
I sat Eric car. Elisa too. hehe.. Uncle S.T drive the Inokom. Sis Lai Ming drive Land Cruiser.. Only Ying Yi in that car... Sad case.. hahaha...
Dou Wei in Inokom, May Yoong and Loh was in Michelle Chan car..
our mission complete! haha.. What a long walk! Poor guyz helping us to bring the stuff but need walk so far!
We played, We ate and we cycle!
I like the cycle part.. Erm.. Cause I long time no cycle ler...
Picnic is really fun!! Love it! Will upload some picture that we took later.. But a few only.. No time take!

Went to church. YWAM Ppl came.. The perform 2 skit.. Nice!! Then wen youth time the perform 1 skit.. Its called EVERYTHING.. This... our youth perform oso de wen easter nite..
Haha... N it also very nice lar...
Told Elisa I got lot stuff to blog today.. Hahaz.. Later I will blog somemore.. But not so happy stuff le... Cause.. Again... Haiz...
Wau.. I watched finish D.I.E le.. Someone died!! But Eric told me that got 2 version o~ Swt.. Who call me buy pirated de le!
Only got version.. Now I am watching The Seventh Day! haha.. I like Kevin.
He so handsome.. Want faster watch finish! Tonnite go back want watch 10 episode... haha.. if my mom let!! ;)
1st of may anutie ask me to help her watch her stall at Giant! Aku Tak Mahu! Aku mahu keluar! Help~~~~

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