Wednesday, April 23

Excited for comin picnic! ;)

Today is Wednesday!
Its getting near to Saturday! Yahoo! Picnic! Picnic!
I'm excited! Its been 2 years since we had a picnic!
Invited bunch of fren! Hope they can come la!..
Yesterday PM Kal n ask him whether he coming o not.. he say no..
Haiz.. then as usual.. So end up not replying lor..
OK den like that.. He say is not 'my' matter he don wan to come. Is 'his' own matter.. N blablabla..
Whatever la! ... Since kal not coming means chee meng oso not comin... Haihz..
Wee Zcent oso not comin.. The older wan! What happen to u guys?
HAihz... Bz bz bz.. Is this an excuses or wat?
I do not know.. I know Chee Meng need to work la.. But.. er.. DONNO La!
Depends God ba.. God change them ba!
Chee Hon might be coming for picnic..
I hope he can come.. MAybe we can be better! Maybe..
Haihz.. LEt me list down who I invited for Picnic

1.NA NA Liew Kim Foong Joanna
2.YEW YEW Lim Eng YEw
3.Ling Ling Loh Chien Ling
4.Pau Pau Wong May Yoong'
5.Dou Dou Lim Dou Wei
6.Nie Nie Hoon Hui-Nie Winnie
7.Ron Ron Aaron?
8.Mun Mun Yan Eu Mun Eumun
9.Mond Mond Raymond
10.Son Son Loh Chwan Chwin Jason xD
11.Eve Eve Evelyn
12.Dre Dre Andre

Who confirm going?
1. My Ling Ling
2.My NaNa
3.My Yew Yew
4.My PauPau
Who Confirm not going?
1.Me Nie-Nie
2.My MunMun
Who can't confirm?
1.My DouDou.??
2.My RonRon
3.My MondMond
4.My SonSon
5.My EveEve
Somemore who??
Sorry.. I cant remember.. My hp $$ ar... Can claim bo?? keep calling them

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