Thursday, April 10

Here I am

I am here to wait for u.
No matter how far u go,
How deep u go,
I m still here to wait.
If you know this,
MAybe U think I'm Crazy,
Or maybe I'm crazy,
But what to do..
I tried to let go,
But why must I let go?
Why can't I still hold on?
There's thousands of reasons for me to hold on.
I will never let you know this,
I will just keep in my heart.
I know you will never accept me
That's why it will stay in my heart forever.
I'm not selfish cause i don want to let you know,
It just because I've no confident at all,
Unless one day u said that U love me
on that time maybe i will let you know..
I am here for you..
I am here to listen..
I am here to wait you.

1 comment:

Poh Yee said...

its nice~
I like it..
sounds a little like me..