Monday, April 21

Let thy gone be thy gone!

Let's start with Friday.
All i can say for Friday is..
When love turns sour.
OK so we go to Saturday!
Well, Sat is our Youth Celebration day. We reached Sea Park around 2 something..
We linger around and wait for Eric and Sheng Jian..
Then we start practice.. Hmmm.. I think its okok for our practice...
Then we prayed at 4 something where ppl start to come in..
I n Joel G want to buy prize. Then Lai Ming jie jie give us Rm 10..
I want to bring Joel G together to buy but Esther say he VERY BUSY cause HE is the USHER. Er..
Me 2. So i m not busy? I go to buy by myself? Alone? I'm a gal k? Very safe ar there? hmm..
Then i just walk down lor.. But then at last Joel G came oso lar.. Then v bought some sweets for them.. SWEETS!!
Ok.. let's jump to the end there..
all sad things don wan say ba..
We finish around 7 something.. Went to SS2 Murni makan.. Mummy cook d.. So i didn't eat! T.T Just look they eat lo.. But i drank MAngo! That was so Nice! NICE!
hehe.. Oh ya.. Ask Kalven to sing with me for Sunday cause I will be alone.. But Kalven need to play drum.. So i was asking Eric to play drum.. But he want to sing o! ok lo.. better than no one sing with me.. But he heard aunty Pat then he say er. er.. C 1st wor..
Went to church around 8.30 a.m.. YAWN!!
ERIC is there.. Oh.. Thank You Eric! we practice.. The songs is not too bad until cannot sing.. Can lar.. But seems like Eric having sore throat.. Hmm.. Feel so sorry! Service as usual.. Youth as usual.. n bla bla bla.. No Elisa no mood.. T.T She went to camp.. Sad~~
So this Sunday over like dat lo.. haiZ..
Sms with Ivan a while.. was asking me to go out.. Working o~ Wait he come back c how la.. Then.. I will remain secret and give u guyz surprise ba.. xD.. (Don't think too far ya!)
Then was thinking sms Eric n say Thank You but lazy n hp $$ not so much.. so no sms.. What a bad gal I m xD.. At night watch that D.I.E.. Funny.. LOlz... mummy make coffee for me.. So nice..
Sure la.. my mom make wan wor.. but too nice until can't sleep.. lolzz.. Then was thinking bout picnic games. So end up sleep at 3 am.. haiz.. Panda~ing soon.. xD.. . Now in the office.. Headache n sleepy! Somemore planning games n stuff for picnic.. So sleepy.. Hungry~kili kulu!

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