Tuesday, April 15

Why Why Why?

Why must you just always teasing me non stop?
Why can't we just be friends?
Why must you angry me because of her?
Why you like to backstabbing ppl?
Why can't you just keep quiet there?
Why Ppl always like to lie?
What wrong with you?
Can I just help you?
Can you just let me help?
Can you just forget the past and start a new life?
Can you just pls become a new leaf?
Why ppl hate ppl backstabbing but still they are the one?
Why ppl hate ppl lies but still they lie?
Why ppl hate get disturbing but still they disturbing ppl?
Why ppl like to get attention from others?
Why ppl like to annoyed ppl?
Why ppl can't behave theirselves?
Why ppl like to act?
Why ppl like to show that they are SO cute but actually they are not?
Why they can't just be themselve?

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