Monday, April 14

3 days.. happy.. sad..


We had our cell group as usual.. Really thank God thank we really have a good time of fellowship..

We was discussing bout those who are not here. We want them to come back with us again.

Suddenly Joel Chan said that last time he and Chee Kent went to catch butterfly. HaHa.

We really can't imagine JOEL CHAN cathing butterfly.. xD

Then we was discussing Raymond.. Then Ying Yi said he like swimming.. Sheng Jian was saying that swimming mostly for gurls.. Then he said. "I long time did't wear swimming suit"

All of us start to laugh until i really cry.. I keep imagine Sheng Jian wearing swimming suit!!

The youth was a bit high that day! Every keep laughing.. Then the atmosphere change when we start to pray!

The youth really change a lot!



It was planet shakers Day! Everyone was excited with it.. I went for practice around 4 pm and as usual it start at 4.30p.m.. Youth culture! haiz.. Then we parctice.. I saw ERIC drove UNSER. HE says that will fetch us to planet shakers.. Around 5.10p.m Sheng Jian mom came to fetch him.. I followed him.. He joke with me and say don wan la.. wat la. this la.. that la.. Nowadays i really sensitive of all this.. So i told him.. If he don't wan then ok.. I just stay and ask Wee Zcent.. Then he say just joke lar.... Followed him..

Then around 6.35p.m Eric came to fetch me.. SMS Elisa.. Ask her she reach or not.. She ask me me.. HAHA... (hidden meaning)
When to church... Then i sit with elisa.. behind us is YING YI SH AND CHRISTA. I and Elisa keep saying new fish and star.. SWT!

Everyone was very happy that we can go to planet shakers...

When was reaching there.. There was a van beside us at the traffic light.. Eric was saying maybe they also go to planet shakers.. Then he started to do something.. All of us in the UNSER started to turn away from the van.. We was paiseh.. haha..

Finally we reached there! Wah.. when we went for parking.. We went for 360 degree and then another 270 degree... SWT! We walked to menara KLCC.. er no! menara FGA.. There's the Q! We went in the basement there.. And then walk until the back of basement, came out from the basement.. THAT WAS A LONG Q! We say Ivan! As usual.. LAI MING LAI MING.. haha..

Kalven, Chee MEng they all reach up there d.. We Q.. Then we went up the staircase.. then we reached.. but the usher was asking us to go to level 5.. LEVEL 5?? That's not live.. We only can c projector.. Wat in the world.. We came from so far and ask us to watch projector? haihz.. We was discussing this and that.. At last we end up at Tesco McDonalds..



Went to church.. Eric came and tell me.. No planet shakers cause some of the parents don't let..

Actually I'm not so happy with it.. However, I don't really show la.. Then we was discussing what to eat for lunch.. Beef? no.. Squid.? maybe.. Chicken.. er.. Then worship then service then finish service. Joel Chan was so worried that he cannot go for planet shakers.. We had a meeting for the

youth celebration and picnic.. Joel Chan was so so worried.. Esther said that why he worried.. Its just planet shakers.. Its not important.. But I was thinking.. for those who waited for 1 year and and now planet shakers is here.. For sure we will want to c them.. Since they are here.. You don't like to listen to this kind of music but we like.. So its depends to the individual.......


Lunch actually should start at 1.30p.m but Joel Chan went to find his mom.. Then lunch start at 1p.m We went to the Korean B.B.Q.. We ate.. Then the older youth came in too.. Then Joel Chan want to go fast!

We went to PutraJaya to scout for the place.. We went to The botanical garden first.. its really nice.. (I will post the picture of the bridge later...) Then we went to The Wetland.. So sorry to say..

I don't like there.. That was so messy!

Then we went to Sunway College for PLANET SHAKERS.. oh ya.. josh reached there 2.30p.m.. SWT.. Planet shakers start at 5p.m.. He was so Kiasu..! Swt.. We reached there around 4.20p.m..

We went in.. No shirt this year! T.T.. They bought the CDs.. I didn't buy.. Cause my wallet is in my room laundry basket! T.T

haiz.. The worship was not bad.. The songs I like the most is Rain Down where it really nice...

Then there's pastor teaching.. Then finished around 7.15p.m.. Went down to entrance.. Elisa say want go toilet.. So I teman.. I asked kor kor to help me to take my bible and also my bag.. Elisa wan is Jayzee.. We went to toilet.. I saw the boys was so funny carrying our bag and followed us to toilet.. HAha..They are so kind... Ohya! This outing no adults.. And.. I'm the oldest there.. T.T
feel so scare.. Cause if anyone disappear.. I don't know what to do!

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