Monday, November 8

Fat is gaining sherina

This few days gain lot of weight due to “MAKAN” here and there with relatives. They went back yesterday morning after breakfast. You know what I had for breakfast yesterday? BAH KUT TEH. What a heavy breakfast?!

Yesterday mom and sis had a little argument because of me. Sis was calling us on the phone and ask what we wanna eat. But the stupid line was very bad in the house! I walked to the front gate and talked to my sis but she still couldn’t hear me. She was a little “pek chik” and “mang zhang” and said why I don’t know how to go out from my room and talk. Where she want me to go?! I am outside the gate and she still can’t hear me. I also very angry and tell my mom. Mom also angry and say don’t want to eat. Sis call again and mom replied “I don’t want to eat. Don’t show your temper”. LOL

I am kinda guilty for what happened. Trouble maker I am =) Mom asked me to order domino pizza and yes, I ordered. =)

The pizza is in the fridge now due to that we can’t finish. =) We got a free coupon for 1 regular pizza since there are late.

Fat sherina! Fat! 

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