Saturday, November 6

A full emotion day

Yesterday my relatives came. It’s has been 13 years since we last met. I was excited in the beginning. My grandmother’s sister – therefore, should be my grand aunt, coming. Well, I was excited for no reason. Perhaps is a feeling that I can go to somewhere like window shopping, I-city, food, Food & FOOOOOOOOOD! She reached our place yesterday noon. When I looked at her, I feel that she looks like my grandmother who passed away 13 years ago. She looks old too.

She wants to watch some Hokkien drama series at 3.30 pm, so we decided to “ta pau” back our so called LUNCH! ( I was hungry till dizzy on that time). After lunch, I went to sleep for a while. I don’t feel like sitting and talk “great stories” because I am not that “mature” -you know.

We went to Empire shopping mall for a while at night. I don’t really feel happy when I am trying to enjoy myself. Thanks to my sister. I know that she is always closed to all the relatives. Why? Cause she was the first born and she was raise by my grandmother, therefore, she is closed to them. She looks like my mother too. That makes her always teased me that I am an ALIEN. I know she is just joking but I do feel hurt because she has all the relatives, dad, cousins, and so on to be closed with her. But I don’t have! I don’t have a dad, my relatives look at me like strangers, cousins that I have no idea who the heck is it, and I doesn’t look like my MOM AT ALL.

She at times treats me like a maid. Mom said to me that the youngest has to do all the stuff. Well, this I get it, but let me act like I am useless is another thing. At times, she does love me too - I shall admit. But the way she act at times, makes me feel so hurtful.

Thank God my mom loves me a lot. And also my grand aunt told my mom that I am a good girl. HAHA.. I know I am =)

Yesterday when I walk with my grand aunt, I look at her hands. I feel so sad. She is old and I feel that I don’t have enough time with her. We never know will this be the last time to meet her, but, I do hope we can still meet in the future. Last time, I don’t love my grandmother. Due to she loves my sister more than me and not really close with me .I can’t really remember her. Now, when I look at my grand aunt, I feel that I kinda like her and want to treat her better.

May God bless her and her family

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