Wednesday, October 22


Blessed bithday.. Not with gifts but withs all those friends..

Thanks to this special.... FRIENDs..

Firstly, KIM YING YI

Thanks for your present once again and the sweetly posting in the blog.
Without you, I wont' find happiness. At times, when I am so down
you really bring me back to my feet.
At times, when I feel like killing people,
you will take the knife out of my hand.
*sorry for violent decription*
because of your blurness and piggyness,
you bring tonnes of happiness to me.
Thank you so much!
You are not blur actually.
Indeed, you are super smart.
Just that we cannot believe you are smart!
Thanks for posting up so big in your blog to wish me a happy birthday
you did not say you love me...
My goof mui also Tan Lee Yan -ELISA!

my 18 chapter of life.
Thanks for that..
You are such a wonderful friend in my life.
Always give me courage, makes me happy
makes me feel that I am not lonely.
Always be with me by my side.
You too- save me when I am in the mud.
Share my happiness and sadness.
Share my *ahem* things.
You had done so much things for me.
I just feel so bless to have you as my friend.
At times, like you said, we had some disagreement
but Thank God.
This disagreement is not so seriuos.
And let us getting closer and closer.
How many years we had sit together, side by side in the santuary?
How many times we share our lunch and dinner?
How many times we share the bed?
How many times we cry together? *did we?*

No matter how many times this happened, i still
want it more. cause this make us our history.
We should open a book and titled it as,
SaYiNa story!
I love you both so much!
GOd bless.

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