Tuesday, October 14


The title for this song is Everyone No.1.
I saw this in the tv. I am really touched when i watched it.
the song is about a guy who is an athletes. Always won a lot of medals.
Unfortunately he got an accident and his life changed! He became paralyzed.
Anyway, just watched the Youtube. it is so so so touching.

SEPTEMBER 2: Disabled ten-year-old girl Qian Hongyan warms up before swimming during a training session at the South of the Clouds Swimming Club on September 2, 2007 in Kunming of Yunnan Province, China. Handicapped Qian, known as the "Basketball girl", joined the club on August 6 to learn to swim and dreams of competing during the London 2012 Special Olympics. She lost both of her legs in a traffic accident in 2000 at the age of three, but struggled to live her life with a basketball as her underpinning.

Pat Anderson and Joey Johnson (Best players in the world-Canadian) defending Lior Dror (top Euro player-Israeli)

People always think that they are useless, they cannot do, this and that but look at these picture and the youtube. They are not like us. Without their feet, they can still survive and do great things. Who said we can't do it? They prove that they can! So we got to prove that we are not useless too! WE CAN DO IT.


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