Monday, October 20

the past

we had our regular meeting but with a different activity.
instead of having word, we had our board games session.
we divided into 2 groups
group 1 - me, elisa, gab, chee kent, joshua, jonathan
group 2 - ying yi, zhen bi, joel goh, sheng jian, joel chan, jonathan thomas
We played RISK. If you are a guy, you know what is that. If you are a girl, you might be clueless!
We - the girls is completely clueless what is going on. My group, which I paired up with elisa, were totally clueless and don't know what to do. What we do is to listen to our leaders insruction that is GABRIEL and also JOSH. both of them keep thinking and thinking how to attack how to this how to that. we, the girls - me, sa, yi, bi, - cheering for them and listen where to put our "soldiers". our group is kinda dissapointed. We ending it by an earthquake! So bad... xD but still, we had some fun there. not some, actually more than some!

After that we played boogles for a while. It has been years since I played this game..

I worked at clara until 1 then I went back and sleep. this is what i did for the entire day.

Sunday, which is yesterday. Woke up earlier for worship and waited for Chee Meng to fetch. He late again~ as usual~ haha.. xD yesterday everything is so so normal. Not so fun actually. went up to bb again to observe. Maybe next time I should go up by myself~ haiz...better than make elisa sien too. The rest of the youth was down there cleaning up and jamming for the entire time~ After that, Ying Yi gave me a b'day present which suppose to give me on wednesday~ haha.. anyway, i like the present that she gave.. She got heart then i am happy. Then they went for lunch. i went back home. oh ya. The fun part is how they send me home. I sit on YING Yi laps~ I wonder if her lap gone d~ CHOI! jkjk... 7 people in a car. That was fun! So fun.. At first me and ying yi wanted to sit infront. 2 at the front sit! That was fun!! But, then Joel goh and Joel Chan wanted to do so. But gabriel don't let.. ISH ISH ISH... HAHA... But it is illegal to do so la. he just don't want anything to happen to us and dont' want to kena saman! So Joel Goh sit infront, the rest sit behind. Wah~~~ Squeezeeeee~~

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