Wednesday, October 15

u tau u siapa

To the one - you know who you are..

i know you misses her so much
i misses her so much too.
she treat me as good as she can.
and i will never forget that day.

as for you, who are so close to her
i know you misses her more than anyone else.
i know it has been a great impact to you
and i know you will never forget her - we too

no one can replace her to you
but i tell you
i will try my best to treat you as good as it can be
i know in times, with my bad emotion i do make people around me annoyed
but i tell you
start from today
i will "love" you as i can
to protect you
to listen to you
to care of your feelings *got to try very hard*
to just be a best friend or i can be called as a best sis
not to replace position in your heart
but to let you find someone to lean to

i am sorry for what i've done in the past
i know you treat me good too
i will
to treat you like my real sis
to treat you as good as i can..


are you touched right now??

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