Saturday, October 4

brother =)

Yo! Sitting here waiting for my bro to come online but he won't be here soon.
Lala.. Mana you? Yesterday waited for your reply for so long but I just could not wait.
I know you are busy but I really miss you lots.
I still remember those days when I am so stubborn and you got to listen to everything I said.
Now, I feel that I am so bad to you. But I know you love me so much.
I can't find any brother that are like you. SO good, so caring, so loving, so kind to me and mommy.
Mommy misses you so much too. Miss you more than your brother.
I knew your brother is not happy sometimes.
I remember when "that" girl make me cry.
You came to my house and ask me who bully me.
You wanted to ask those other kor kor to revenge for me.
Do you know you are so bad tempered? What to do...
You are from those dark side people. DARK SIDE =) xD but to me, I am the dark people to you.
You will always got to listen to me, help me with all the dishes =), fetch me to school sometimes when I lazy or late, fetch me back, bring me go mall to buy something, every sat and sun wake up early because I got to buy grocery for mommy and etc. I don't know where to find someone just like you.
But now, everything change. I am in puchong, you are at kuantan. We are so far far apart.
You got a new girlfriend and you are busy with life.
I will be here and just alone without anyone. I miss you so much. I always recap those memory. I remember every single thing I had done it to you.
I remember you like to play with my nose. Pinch me.
I remember you always say I like your brother and your brother always say I like you. *even now he said that too*... =.=||
Without you, I really can't find all those happiness again.
When I got problem, you will be the first one to let me punch, beat, kick, slap... Er... Not like that... Just joking. I am not that GANAS... Just a bit.. *giggle*
I really miss you so much! *as a brother, friend*
Nobody can even replace you. Because nobody can treat me like that. Only you.
Because you sayang me too much. Now, I can't change already!

MANA YOU?!!! The brother that I love.

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